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Interview Preparation and Tips

Be Prepared!

Being prepared is the first important step to “Succeeding in Interviews”
Obtain as much information on the firm as possible
Be prepared to answer questions such as:
– “Tell me about yourself.”
– “Who has the greatest influence on your life and why?
– “What are your particular strengths?”
– “In relation to your past employers, sorts of things have kept you at the company?”
– “Describe an average week day and an average weekend?”
– “What were some of the major obstacles in your last job and how did you overcome them?”
– “Tell me about a job that was particularly uninteresting. How did you deal with it?”
– “How do you like to be managed?”
– “What types of tasks do you like to delegate to others?”

Be yourself!

Remember the interviewer is trying to ascertain whether you are the right person for the job.
They will need to find out the following:
– Do you have the skills for the job?
– Do you fit their organisational culture?
– Will you benefit their organisation?
– Will their organisation benefit you?

To find the answers to their questions they will be examining your:
– Personality – motivation, team spirit, self-confidence
– Professionalism – reliability, honesty, integrity, pride, willingness
– Technical skills
– Intellectual qualities – communication, efficiency, listening

Interview Dos

– Dress for the interview in a professional, slightly conservative style
– Think positively!
– Smile!
– Keep good eye contact!
– Be clear, concise and factual when answering questions!
– Be aware of your body language!

Interview Don’ts

– Don’t speak negatively about previous employers!
– Don’t lie!
– Don’t overdo your answers!
– Don’t answer just yes or no – relate your answers to the position!
– Don’t show boredom!

Question Time!

The interviewer will always ask if you have any questions. This is the perfect opportunity to create a good impression, so be prepared for this! Ask questions related to the following:

– Why is the position vacant?
– Whom shall I be working with/how will I fit into the team structure ?
– What are the firms/departments long term ambitions and aims ?