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Still working hard in 2023 to create a better future for Lawyers

As a legal professional, you expect and deserve to work with a legal recruiter you believe in.

Our team of consultants is working as hard as ever to help our clients and candidates, even during these unprecedented and difficult times.

Chase Portland specialise in providing recruitment services to the legal profession. Our approach is based on professionalism, knowledge, honesty and integrity.

With close ties to decision makers at almost every Top 200 UK Law firm, Chase Portland has successfully assisted both candidates and law firms since 2002. By using our strengths, we aim to create a better future for you.

Our Chase Portland US, CP EMPLOYMENT and CP RESTRUCTURING teams, have become the ‘go to’ specialists in their respective areas and we encourage anyone seeking a move to a US firm, or seeking an Employment or Restructuring role to contact them.

Whether you are a law firm or candidate, we look forward to being of assistance to you.